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You have clicked this icon shows that you are looking for the possibility of joining us as an educator / teacher.

Perhaps you are already an educator. Someone who has the professional qualifications and the experience. And that you've taught more than a few years in some of India's leading schools. Or perhaps you're a fresh B Ed graduate.

Perhaps you're someone who isn't a professional educator. Yet! But you wish to be one. You wish to become part of a fraternity of educators as AIS that are leading the charge towards transforming education, a profession that is the last hold out against radical change among all the major professions.

Even someone who's been a home maker and with children now grown up, you're looking to get back into the workforce. 

Whatever! You have the comfort of knowing that AIS looks eagerly for out of the box thinkers and extraordinary teachers. That there's room for proven experience and emerging potential. The inspirational teacher and the teacher who never wanted to be anything else.

For those who want to shun the material world and those who see education as a wonderful opportunity to maximise their talents.

Come! Join us!!

You may have to wait for the right time, but we welcome your resumes/ CVs.:

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